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Associate Phil Cornforth

Phil has over thirty years’ experience in the design and development of mobile telephone systems introduced into European Mobile Operator networks. He’s also been producing innovative proof of concepts using new and emerging technologies. Experienced in hardware and software design from chip level up through system level having worked for Racal, Orbitel, one2one and internationally with Deutsche Telekom. He is a respected and trusted ‘people’ manager having led internationally based teams with members spread across the DT group.

Career Highlights:

  • Lead on RFQs, technical contracting, main supplier interface on design and development of mobile radio infrastructure hardware and software.
  • Created many innovative proof of concepts using new emerging technologies including AI, robotics and VR/AR/XR.
  • Developed service agreements between DT Group function and DT Operators.
  • Instigated and led collaborative work with UNFCCC in support of COP.
  • Radio Base Station design for the worlds first 1800 MHz GSM network, deployed in the UK for one2one.
  • Led team designing the rf system of the worlds first GSM handset at Orbitel.
  • STEM work mentoring projects in a local secondary school, technology inspiring presentations/demonstrations and delivering programming lessons to primary schools.