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Cost Reduction & Cost Excellence

Why does it seem easier to talk about cost reductions than to achieve them? With continuing pressure on margins, we know how to make year on year savings – through network operating efficiencies, internal organisational restructure, process re-engineering, improved procurement, appropriate outsourcing, and intelligent managed service contracts.   We are helping our clients to challenge established internal entrenched views to make the savings they need in both capex and opex. We approach this from a very practical perspective. We are seasoned practitioners who have been there in the thick of cost reduction programmes and seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. We know how many consultants ‘finish’ a transformation assignment, bank the cheque, walk out of the door and leave someone else to manage the consequences! We know that the long-term sustainability of cost reducing programmes is paramount. We minimise the slideware and get on with the practical matters that reduce operating costs without damaging the crucial revenue generating enablers. That, to us, is what Operational Excellence means.

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