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Our Azenby beacon is always on the lookout for all the latest news, views and happenings in the land of mobile. Here are some of our observations as well as some of our own news. Spotted anything else out there that we should talk, think and get excited about? Excellent! Drop us an email and let us know.
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    What is your strategy for Virtualisation?

    Deployment of modern telecoms networks is changing markedly. It seems barely has one technology become the standard before it is

  • Network Evolution

    Goldilocks, Vodafone and the three bears

    In it’s Q1 2020 trading update Vodafone’s CEO announced the intention of divesting it’s European tower business. With some 61,700

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    2019 and all that

    It’s time for the customary Azenby annual review of all things good and the not so good in our mobile

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    The Internet of Things – is there any hope for Security?

    (This is a personal view of the author and does not reflect the view of any of the Standardisation Groups

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    What are you asking your vendors about 5G?

    Depending upon your preferred reading material, there are now over 300 operators worldwide in more than 120 countries trialling and

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    The Brontosaurus Theory Of MVNOs

    There’s a very famous Monty Python sketch about brontosauruses. John Cleese plays ‘Anne Elk (Miss)’ who is being interviewed on

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    Private LTE Networks: here already

    A serious train crash isn’t something I can properly imagine. It’s because they’re so out of the normal human context.

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    Time for a revolution?

    This year, after catching up with Friend’s Blogs about the Mobile World Congress and the latest security revelations which seem

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    The Internet at 30

    The internet is older than Azenby. That makes us feel fresh and young. In fact, the internet is old enough

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    MWC 2019 Review

    Azenby joined the swarms and throngs at this year’s MWC just to see what’s new and different but most of