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Security & Integrity

Never has the threat from security breaches and fraud been as widespread as it is today. Delivering new and innovative services to customers increasingly means Service Providers need to piece more things together, be it in the access layer with bearer aggregation or mixing Wi-Fi and WWAN, or in the service layer using both on-net and off-net platforms. Couple that with BYOD – ever more sophisticated and powerful devices connected to the network – and we can see that the world of network security is changing rapidly. The integrity of services offered to customers and the need to afford user privacy and maintain trust with their customers is critical. Customer trust is a fundamental element to brand trust. We are helping networks remain secure and deliver the service integrity that users demand today – making sure that networks are safe and secure and most importantly, that your customer’s privacy, data, personal details, files and records are all ‘hack-proof’. This is more than protecting oneself against revenue leakage or brand damage – this is about retaining the faith and trust of the customer.