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Nothing stays the same for very long in our mobile world. Our Clients are talking with us about a wide range of choices and options they are wrestling with almost on a daily basis from new network builds through to complex multi-layer networks. We have been helping our clients solve the many questions that are being raised: Is the Cloud a more efficient way to deliver technical services? How can you optimise your network investment against the high table stakes of LTE (and beyond) investment and the backdrop of reducing margins? How do you position yourself to capture M2M revenues? What do you need to do to support M2M? Is it time to take a new look at wholesale and MVNOs? What does the MNO service strategy look like in an LTE world and is RCS a crucial part of it? We can help you think through the answers to all these questions.

As technology gets ever more complex seeing your way through the hype, regulation, risks and vendor claims has become increasingly difficult. Azenby’s depth of experience in technical, commercial and regulatory matters enables us to focus on the specific situation of our clients to ensure a meaningful network roadmap is realised.

As technology changes in the mobile industry come thick and fast the complexity together with the risks and, of course opportunities, for operators are increasing.  The traditional cycles of technology steps are moving more towards continuous evolution hence operators need to ensure their network evolutions are permanently on the agenda. One could argue that the Internet world has been in this modus operandi for quite some time and that cellular is merely catching up!

The Azenby Approach

The rapid succession of technology heralds’ new opportunities, new market segments and new revenues streams for operators and service providers. Our approach at Azenby is help operators work through the long list of network development and evolution questions to focus on the key ones for their specific market.  Core networks remain just that for the operator, core to their business. Timing and capabilities of evolution steps are critical of course as is ensuring 5G thinking is embedded in the plan.  The extremes of user cases from very small data streams for non-time critical M2M applications through to very low latency, high capacity, very fast video, is pushing to 5G to be needing to do all things to all men and perhaps with a danger of doing none of them well. All this thinking needs to ensure that the maintenance, expansion or retirement of legacy solutions are properly considered.

At Azenby we work alongside the technical, commercial, legal and regulatory teams (depending on scope) understanding the practical issues and opportunities. We also encourage and recognise the value of engagement from the very top of each organisation downward to ensure all parts of the organisation have exposure to the key issues and are engaged with the process.

Solution delivery times vary with this type of work but often are driven by the businesses need for decisions such as new technology choices or replacing a legacy solution.

Pre-conceptions of the right solution or existing limitations are often a barrier to an optimised network evolution plan. Our practical experience running MNO operations, working with established vendors as well as new entrants enables us to challenge such barriers as well as ensuring the right fit of solution to each specific case.

Azenby is used to delivering on its promises hence we stay the course and make sure our observations and recommendations are useable and effective. We enjoy long term engagements with our clients and follow up to ensure value is delivered as expected.

Case studies / Outcomes:
Have we got a case study to show you on the network evolution? Well no and for good reasons. Firstly, they tend to be very sensitive and unless a client wishes to communicate their plan they remain under wraps. Secondly old evolution plans are just that, old! An evolution plan needs to be active and constantly being updated, taking account of the changing opportunities and risks. The underlying strategy may not change but the tactics involved in achieving it often need to be more dynamic.

We have done a lot of work on mobile networks in our time! We have been involved in the world’s first 1800 network, the first major active RAN share deal and have worked with clients all over the world on network cost reduction, network sharing, network strategy and evolution, architectural migration and performance improvements. We have developed evolution plans to drive up network coverage, capacity, drive down costs and resources, change technologies and vendors. No one plan is the same and so far, no generic blue print for model network evolution has materialised.

If we can help you put together a plan for your network evolution please get in touch.

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