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Charles Brookson

Charles Brookson, OBE, has over 30 years’ experience in security, preventing compromise, fraud, and theft of resources and is a regular keynote speaker who has worked with Industry and Governments at all levels. He has been Chairman at GSM Association Security Group for the past 25 years. He is also Chair of the ETSI OCG Security Group and various Government Panels. Formerly, he was Director of Standards & Technology at Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Head of Corporate Security at one2one and in BT Corporate Security.

Career Highlights:

  • Started and lead the GSMA Security Group who have been informing over 800 mobile operators worldwide for the past 25 years
  • Lead the group that developed GSM Security Algorithms and protocols which have been used for over 30 years
  • Lead initiatives that have saved operators millions of pounds by preventing fraud and theft