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Associate Chris Newman

Chris has been writing software since the age of eight and been working with mobile and devices for more than twenty years, including twelve years at EE.

He has backend, SIM and mobile device expertise with a collection of development skills including Java, Go and C languages, MySQL and Cassandra databases, and platforms including Spring Boot, Linux, Android and containerization using Docker.

Chris also has a wealth of experience developing software in support of security requirements. This includes the development of custom firmware for SafeNet HSMs that is now being used for compliance with the UK’s Telecom Security Act requirements.

Career Highlights:

  • Indoor Plus, an indoor coverage collection app that harnessed Tango, Google’s AR environment. Demonstrated at an annual police conference in the context of crime scene investigations
  • SIM credentials and PKI certificate management for BT. Implemented with PKCS#11 and custom firmware on SafeNet HSMs as well as adapting HashiCorp’s Vault for hardware secured PKI
  • RadioAgent Railways, initially using Blackberry devices and then Android to measure coverage autonomously on trains
  • Writing provisioning software to generate the first SIMs for the go-live of EE’s 4G network when the decision was made to go live in 1800Mhz ASAP
  • Apps including touchticker and pulsepaper on Symbian and Android
  • Developing the backend for MTV’s VideoClash in 2001, the first ever live TV show based on SMS voting