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Associate David Walsh

With over twenty-five years’ experience, David has worked on legal issues across the telecoms space with operators, OEMs, software developers and content providers. David has represented clients on legal and policy matters in the EU with the Commission and Court of Justice, in the US at the White House, Department of Justice and Department of Commerce and in national fora in several other jurisdictions. David provides tailored legal and regulatory advice, to cover matters on commercial contracts, antitrust, regulatory, data privacy and intellectual property law.

David’s Highlights:

  • Worked with Charitable Foundations and co-founded a number of successful start-ups in emerging markets, including M-KOPA in East Africa and Mera Doctor in India.
  • Previously, as General Counsel at the GSMA, David served as the Secretary to the Board of industry CEOs and led a global team of lawyers. He also created handbook series as a guide to help explain aspects of telecoms law to regulators and market participants.
  • David started life as a lawyer with the UK firm Linklater’s and worked for the US law firm Jones Day. He has lived and worked in the UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland and the US, speaks English, French, Spanish and Catalan and can talk to friends and read the sports news in Italian.