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Associate Dr Adriana Nugter

Dr Adriana Nugter has been in wireless communications for more than twenty years, mainly at international levels. She held various operational and strategic roles within mobile operators (KPN, ATI, Vodafone) and within the GSM Association (GSMA) and Global Certification Forum (GCF). Her expertise is wide-ranging and includes data protection, public affairs, regulation, marketing, interoperability, certification, standardization, m2m, business strategy. She is known for her strategic leadership and ability to build alliances between various industry partners.

Career Highlights:

  • She ensured the implementation of new services at KPN in line with the Dutch data protection regulation and chaired the – at that time – Data Privacy Group of the GSMA.
  • She was nominated and elected chairman of the GSMA, with a particular focus to ensure one standard for the emerging 3G access technology.
  • Whilst at Vodafone (and later directly for GCF) she played a pivotal role in the establishment, build-out and success of the Global Certification Forum, an industry led certification program to ensure interoperability of mobile devices with the network.