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Associate Peter Garratt

Peter is a highly experienced Mobile Network Operations leader with a proven track record in transforming organisations and improving services and network performance. A radio engineer by trade, Peter spent his early years in Cable & Wireless before transferring to a then mobile start up, one2one, now part of BT owned EE. Peter developed and led first and second generation Managed Service Agreements, the last one employing on-shore and off-shore support involving a thousand people. Peter has managed leading Continuous Service Improvement teams that have enhanced processes, tools and people, having a positive impact on the customer experience and business financial performance . Peter has board level experience and recently left EE to start a new career consulting.

Career Highlights

  • Leading the operation of one of the largest network shares in the world, having been accountable for the operational development at the start of the agreement (T-Mobile and 3 UK).
  • Launching the first 4G network in the UK, accountable for all aspects of the operation
  • Leading Field Operations across Europe, and a member of the operational leadership team (Deutsche Telecom)
  • Establishing the NOC and launching the world’s first 1800MHz 2G service (one2one)